Hariri : Resistance formula is out for good


hariri def 10Future Movement MP Saad Hariri stressed that the so called resistance formula “army+ people + resistance” has been eliminated in the new cabinet policy statement and will not come back.

“’The army+ people+ resistance’ formula is out for good, as the new formula does not give any party rights above the state’s authority,” Hariri said in a statement issued Saturday.

Resistance meant Hezbollah in the old ministerial policy statement .

“The ministerial statement does not give any legitimacy to the use of arms outside the framework of the state, its army, and its security and military institutions, or the implicating Lebanon in foreign wars.”

“There is no more room for doubt that the resistance’s arms, or any other arms, are a controversial issue and will remain subject to national dialogue and the new president.”

Finally the Lebanese cabinet agreed during its meeting at the Baabda presidential palace late Friday night on a policy statement and averted Prime Minister Tammam Salam’s resignation, but Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi and the Phalange Party’s three ministers voicing official reservation on the text.

“The cabinet has endorsed the policy statement amid the reservations of the ministers of the Phalange Party Sejaan Qazzi (Labor), Ramzi Jreij (Information) and Alain Hakim (Economy), in addition to Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi,” National News Agency reported.

“By the virtue of the state’s responsibility to preserve Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the government stresses the state’s duty and efforts to liberate the Shebaa Farms, the Kfarshouba Hills and the occupied part of Ghajar (village) through all legitimate means, while stressing the right of Lebanese citizens to resist Israeli occupation, repel its aggressions and regain the occupied land,” the policy statement stated.



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  1. هانيبعل Avatar

    is wrong. This guy is claiming the defeat of the “Army, Resistance,
    People” formula only to give his followers the illusion of victory.
    Since the ministerial statement gives “citizens” the right to resist,
    what will Hariri do or say when a few
    “citizens” of Hezbollah decide to launch an attack on Israel and invite
    yet another devastating war on Lebanon? The fact is that the March 14
    cowards have again capitulated to Hezbollah by 1- sitting with it in a
    government, and 2- permitting anyone who has a gun, a machine gun, an
    RPG, or a ballistic missile to “defend” and “resist”. It is watered-down compromises like this
    that have led Lebanon into the past 50 years of devastation, and none
    of the country’s rulers and politicians has the courage to draw a line
    in the sand. Hariri might have to stay in Paris for another 30 years if
    he remains as yellow as he is. Meanwhile, we will suffer more wars and
    more bombings because the Lebanese Hezbollah government now allows “any citizen”,
    not just Hezbollah, to wage war. Good luck.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      The faulty interpretations …. ‘country’ as a ‘whole people’ resists attack; not individuals resisting whoever they think is attacking them, as in the ‘flavour of the day’ pet hate.
      ‘One Armed Force’ for the purpose of defending against a weaponized attack from some dictator. But MANY MINDS together ‘resisting’ attack on ‘thought’ which should be free to say ‘OURS’. Our Lebanon. OUR country.
      Write ‘Law’ which covers the individual ‘right’ to defend, and USE it – backed by ‘One Policing Force’ treating all equally under the laws of ‘OUR’ state.
      Call a cop if you’re being attacked personally … UNDERSTAND ‘Law’.
      Lebanon has already been attacked and infiltrated by ‘Gangs With Military Weapons’.
      ONE ARMY should be working to remove those. Permanently.

    2. Hannibal Avatar

      Baal is intrinsic to your name and “Hanibaal Atheos” becomes an oxymoron… May I suggest Atheos for your name as Hanibaal literary means the “baal’s beloved”? 😉

      1. Hanibaal Atheos Avatar
        Hanibaal Atheos

        Yours is a western misspelling of the authentic name. Thanks for the
        suggestion, though. If I were you, I’d change the distorted meaningless
        name you walk around with to something like “Honeyball”; this name at
        least has some useful meaning, especially for the dirty-minded.

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          Hmmmmm. A personal attack to an innocent suggestion… You are full of anger. Some people like you do need a God ta yehdiyon… Alternatively you can try the scientifically proven “anger management” program.
          Allah yehdiik…

          1. barabie Avatar

            ummm you started the personal attack on him. Stop being a hypocrite.

          2. Hannibal Avatar

            It was a suggestion and I bet you did not understand my gist… Let me put it for you in an Islamic stupid way so you may understand it… His name is like: 3abdAllah al kaafir… oxymoron… got it? Look up the word and tell me where is the personal attack. Hypocrite my dic|<

          3. barabie Avatar

            U have anger management issues, hypocrite.

          4. Hannibal Avatar

            Another loser plagiarizing my words… wulak tel7ass

          5. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            barabie hairy has mouthfull of dirt management issues.

        2. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Where is the ‘dirt’ in ‘Honey’? At least add an ‘s’ for a reference to 2 balls – which perhaps only you might find ‘dirty’.

          1. barabie Avatar

            http://www.urbandictionary. com/define.php?term=Honeyball&defid=5850671

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I used to know a guy who’s last name was ‘Honeyball’. Where would you put him in the politico/religious ‘theatre’ ????

          3. barabie Avatar

            lol I would put him in the poor bastard category.

          4. libnan1 Avatar

            I like girls with last name “Honeyblow”. I know a guy with a name Dick Cocks.

          5. Patience2 Avatar

            That man was cursed at birth.

          6. Patience2 Avatar

            I prefer Gulab Jamuns.

          7. Hanibaal Atheos Avatar
            Hanibaal Atheos

            You picked up on the dirty without an ‘s’. So there is hope for you. Though, I’d like to ask who appointed you attorney for the other prude stuffy American-pro-anger-management loser?

          8. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I wasn’t arguing a ‘case’ ….. just putting in the 2-cents worth like you do.

          9. Hannibal Avatar

            Be original and stop the plagiarism fuc|< face

  2. Hanibaal Atheos Avatar
    Hanibaal Atheos

    For my first posting on this forum, my comments on Hariri triggered an avalanche of insults and pointless blather by an individual with a misspelled name who appears to have nothing of substance to say, other than harass anyone who posts here. Sounds like the electronic equivalent of the abadaay cock-a-maniac in some Beirut neighborhood who struts around fluffing his feathers and scaring everyone else into submission. At least, I am comforted by this evidence to the authentic Lebanese identity of this individual.

    1. MekensehParty Avatar

      To be fair you both behaved like real Lebanese.
      One giving lessons while he misspells his own name and the other incapable of taking a lesson without giving one…
      Anyway, welcome to yalibnan a forum as clean as Lebanon and the Lebanese.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Right Mekenseh … and trying to keep it ‘clean’ but sexy is a chore. 😉
        I pop over to ‘Daily Star’ and there’s only some like a guy who thinks he’s ‘Adonis’ – would be enough to fry Prophet’s or Geo’s eyeballs, I am sure. :-))
        Best not to invite those ones ….

        1. MekensehParty Avatar

          I always thought the more the merrier and now that we have more mythical creatures involved it multiplies the coocooness many folds. So contact that Adonis please and invite him to share here too.
          I’m happy Hanibaal Atheos joined though and hope he doesn’t get discouraged already, especially that someone has already the (almost) same name. He’s an active commenter on Now Lebanon and his input on Yalibnan is welcome (from my part at least).
          And 5th, you and Glen do a great job keeping it sexy!

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I try … after all, if we look at ALL the ‘roots’, the arguments these days are only about how to do ‘it’ … not about the fact it’s a necessity. :-)))

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