Bahrain, UAE condemn Saudi bashing by Iraqi PM


The United Arab Emirates ( UAE) on Wednesday summoned the Iraqi ambassador to present him a letter of protest over Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki’s statement accusing Saudi Arabia of supporting global terrorism.

UAE State Minister for Foreign Affairs Anwar Qarqash said Al-Maliki’s statement was baseless as Saudi Arabia plays a big role in fighting terrorism.

“The UAE appreciates the Kingdom’s efforts in this regard and commends its policies and initiatives aimed at rooting out terrorism,” he said.

Bahrain also strongly condemned Saudi bashing by Al-Maliki and his false accusations against the Kingdom. The Bahraini government praised Riyadh’s efforts to fight terrorism and dry up its funding sources.

The Iraqi Prime Minister said in an interview broadcast last Saturday that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have declared “war on Iraq” as they are providing “limitless” support for militant groups in the war-torn country.

Arab News