Suleiman urges army to defend Beqaa border towns


President Michel Suleiman urged the Lebanese Armed Forces to defend border areas after four residents were injured following a rocket attack on several Beqaa towns.

“ I urge the army command to adopt all necessary measures to defend border towns and protect safe and innocent citizens,” Suleiman said on Tuesday.

He also urged the warring parties in Syria to refrain from targeting Lebanese border regions and their residents.

National News Agency reported that “Ali Zein al-Moussawi, his wife and one of their children were wounded when a rocket fell near the house of Hussein Qassem al-Moussawi in al-Nabi Sheet.”

“They were rushed to the Riyaq Hospital,” NNA added.

Bekaa towns, with a majority of Shiite population, have repeatedly come under rocket attacks by either rebels seeking to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime or armed men supporting them.

The Syrian troops loyal to Assad also continue to carry out air raids on Arsal, a majority Sunni town, which is an escape route for rebels and smugglers.