Abducted Nuns plead for release of Syrian female prisoners


maalula nunsA group of nuns who were abducted in the Syrian Christian town of Maalula appeared in a new video broadcast by Al-Jazeera on Sunday, pleading for the release of female prisoners held by the regime.

The nuns, who are Syrian and Lebanese nationals, pleaded for the release “of all [female] prisoners,” adding that they would accept being a bargaining chip or “the reward” for the release of female prisoners from Syrian regime prisons.

They appeared in the recording saying they “are in good health, haven’t been mistreated…and they are waiting for their release to return to the convent,” AFP reported.

In the video, the nuns also said that they had wished to stay in their monastery in Maalula, despite the shelling that targeted the town at the time of their abduction.

“This is our duty [to stay in the convent].”

The 12 nuns were reported missing from the town north of Damascus after rebel forces, including jihadists, seized control of Maalula in December 2013.

Media close to the Syrian regime accused rebels of using the nuns as “human shields,” and fears were raised for the safety of the women.

They appeared in a video in December, in which they stated that they were in good health and that they fled Maalula after intense shelling there.

They called for an end to the targeting of holy sites by all parties to Syria’s bloody 33-month conflict.

Maalula, a picturesque village cut into the cliffs some 55 kilometres (35 miles) from Damascus, has long been a symbol of the ancient Christian presence in Syria.

Its residents are some of the few left in the world who speak Aramaic, the language that Jesus Christ is believed to have spoken.




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  1. man-o-war Avatar

    Using the poor nuns to negotiate, that’s low.

    1. Are not the starved female prisoners in hijab, just as equal to fat well fed nuns ….
      except Nuns are more likely to support Asshead, , how do you judge?

      1. I judge you’re not a bright person. Read the nuns statement, they included all women. Also read the last part of your banner, it is exactly what you people are doing in Syria. I suggest you go to Syria and help them with their banners. That hijab chick looks well fed with makeup, she looks hot too.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          None of them is brigth. Help Ummmah to behead all not Sunnis.

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar

          It’s useless trying to reason with them.

        3. Why do the nuns only speak up when they feel threatened,
          Anyway we all know where the Christian clergy stands. they are Assads spies and are a threat to the cause and should get the hell out of the way. They can come back once the khilafah is established, assusiming they have not anything to hide , like treason.

          1. man-o-war Avatar

            What is a Khilafah?

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Something about a ‘Caliph’ I believe … ancient type of despotic ruler.

          3. man-o-war Avatar

            What is a Khilafah?

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Something about a ‘Caliph’ I believe … ancient type of despotic ruler.

          5. Hey Btru they need your help in establishing the khilafah, you’re wasting time yapping. There will be nothing left to establish in Syria but parking lots.

      2. I dont understand your point? So do you validate the nuns being kidnapped as a ” security measure “? Now we have to put a sectarian line against people being harmed? Whether its this side or that side? Is this the level of stupidity we have gotten to? Do you not see now why this has failed? Its precisely because of the way you think. Until you and your like can start seeing people as just people then im afraid your ummah wont get far at all. Lets look at you ummah or sorry your version of ummah and see where it is today…. Palestine 70 years of occupation ( last week idf shot and killed numerous protesters where was the ummah’s voice ) . Egypt, Libya,Iraq,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Syria,Yemen,Kenya,Mali,Nigeria ,Myanmar…sunni killing more sunni forget the minorities that are being killed. Palestinians Hamas and Fatah killing each other cant get along…. should I go on? even in Tripoli.

      3. Hind Abyad Avatar

        What you said about the nuns is beyond any descency, so don’t talk about your Ummah, this is the propaganda call for the Jihadists arround the World “Don’t keep calm” go to Syria t o KILL!

      4. man-o-war Avatar

        I never said anything about it being equal or fair. You’re also assuming that they would support Asshead, my guess is that they support God. Also, if they did support Asshead it would make sense. He didn’t kidnap them and hold them for ransom. Do we know anything about these female prisoners? Did they pick up arms and were caught on the battlefield? These nuns were not fighters in a militia, that we know.

        Don’t pick on the nuns brtu2u, thats really low. “DON’T KEEP CALM” , when have Arab Muslims ever been known to keep calm, lol.

      5. 5thDrawer Avatar

        First, I don’t believe she is protesting outside a Syrian Gulag.
        Second, I don’t believe that was the sign – words added later.
        Third, Which ‘Democracy’, exactly, did any of the invasions? (recently)

    2. The real lebanese Avatar
      The real lebanese

      Who knows? God could’ve orchestrated it to save their lives.

      1. man-o-war Avatar

        I guess anything is possible, never thought of it that way.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar

          That’s in Maaloula were they beheaded 3 civilians.
          Btu2u is a recruter for AlQaeda..

    3. The real lebanese Avatar
      The real lebanese

      Who knows? God could’ve orchestrated it to save their lives.

  2. cook2half Avatar

    Please help us

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