Al Mustaqbal: Gen. Jamaa was killed by Syrian intelligence


Jamaa jamaaSyrian opposition sources told Al Mustaqbal newspaper that Major General Jamaa Jamaa , head of Syria’s Military Intelligence was shot in the back of his head by the Syrian intelligence.

This revelation comes after Syrian official news agency SANA reported on Thursday that Maj. Gen.Jamaa died while “fulfilling national duties of defending Syria” in the eastern province of Dair Alzour .

Jamaa was said to have been a powerful figure in Lebanon in the later stages of Syria’s almost three-decade occupation of the neighboring nation. The Syrian general was reportedly interrogated by the former chief UN investigator Judge Detlev Mehlis as a suspect in former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination.

Syrian troops pulled out of Lebanon in April 2005 amid outrage following Hariri’s assassination.

With the assassination of General Jaamaa , the Syrian regime is reportedly trying to liquidate those in involved in Hariri’s assassination cover up Syrian involvement in the murder. Ghazi Kanaan, Another general who was a suspect in Hariri’s assassination was reportedly also shot in the head by the Syrian regime in October 2005.