Gemayel : June elections should not take place


gemayel sami 3Phalange Party bloc MP Sami Gemayel said that the parliamentary elections scheduled for June 16 should not take place “for the sake of democracy.”

“I hope that the elections won’t take place on June 16 for the sake of democracy,” Gemayel said in an interview with MTV television on Monday evening.

“If we go ahead with the elections on June 16 we will be committing about thirty constitutional violations.”

The MP also said that the Phalange Party will challenge the decision to call for elections, “and we will take part in the battle against the 1960 law until the end.”

He also reiterated his party’s objection to the mixed law proposal.

Gemayel, however, added that the Phalange Party elections candidates submitted their candidacy “because we don’t want to present gifts to anyone and we don’t want to leave the field for anyone else.”

He also called for a new meeting of the Christian parties at the seat of the Maronite patriarchate in Bkirki to further discuss the electoral law issue.

Despite the fact that the caretaker Cabinet of outgoing PM Najib Mikati decided Monday to hold the parliamentary polls on June 16 under the controversial 1960 electoral law and formed an election supervisory committee , Lebanon will most likely opt for a parliament term extension, according to media reports.