Hariri: Hezbollah dumping Lebanon in favor of a falling Assad


Hariri slams governmentLebanon’s former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Wednesday in response to the speech by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah that the Iranian and Syrian backed militant group has decided to dump Lebanon for the sake of rescuing the falling regime of Syrian president Bashar al Assad.

In a statement following Nasrallah’s speech Hariri said in a statement :

” Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah chose to support the oppressors and to declare his commitment to defend Bashar Assad’s regime until death. He also chose to implement the Iranian orders and the fatwa issued by Wali al-Faqih to prevent the fall of this regime, which he brought back with him from Tehran. In doing so he is dumping Lebanon in favor of Assad”.

“The state, along with Lebanese groups, is hostage to Hezbollah and that is all for the sake of Bashar Assad .” Hariri added.

Hariri continued :
“We don’t wish to argue with Hezbollah Secretary General over the stances he launched yesterday. Most of these stance are illogical and irresponsible, particularly his continued denial of the presence of a popular uprising in Syria faced by a criminal military machine unprecedented in the Arab and Islamic History. ”

But what Hezbollah Secretary General missed, is the fact that this regime has fallen and that the will to keep it alive is not in the hands of Hassan Nasrallah or Ali Khamenei or any other regional or international party. The fate of this regime is in the hands of the Syrian people, who decided to put an end to the regime of injustice and tyranny regardless of the mobilization of mercenaries and volunteers by its allied forces.

Nasrallah’s  speech came a day after the arrival of 30 bodies of Hezbollah fighters from Syria for burial in Lebanon, according to a report by Al Arabiya .

The report added that Al-Quds Brigade commander, who is known by his nickname, Abu Ajeeb, was also killed in Syria in battles against rebels.

Former Hezbollah chief Subhi al-Tufaili told Al Arabiya in an interview earlier this week that at least 138 Hezbollah fighters have been killed in the Syria fighting. This is substantially higher than the number of Hezbollah fighters reported to have been killed in the 2006 war with Israel

Tufaili added that Hezbollah was told to fight with the Assad forces in direct orders from Tehran.