Report links kidnapers of Aleppo bishops to Boston bombers


aleppo bishop Boulos al-YazigiAccording to a report from Syria an armed group calling itself the “Chechen group ” was behind the kidnapping of the two Aleppo bishops that were kidnapped in the outskirts of the city on Monday evening .

The report linked the group to the suspects in the Boston , MASS bombing.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported on Monday that the driver of Boulos al-Yazigi, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo and Iskandaroun and Yuhanna Ibrahim, the Syrian-Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo, was killed during the attack.

NNA also reported that Ibrahim, Yazigi and another man, also a priest, were driving from a village near the Turkish border to Aleppo. As they approached the city, they were met with an armed group that forced them out of the car.

The bishops are believed to be alive and efforts are ongoing to secure their release.

Geagea condemns kidnapping

aleppo bishop Yuhanna IbrahimLebanese Forces Party leader Samir Geagea condemned” in the strongest terms the abduction of the bishops and called for their immediate release and without any delay.”

Geagea called the kidnapping “a heinous act of terrorism,” and reaffirmed LF ‘s absolute support to to the Syrian people in their fight for freedom and self-determination.