Syria hasn’t received any complaint from Lebanon, envoy


syrian ambassador ali aliThe Syrian government hasn’t received any formal complaints about cross-border security incidents in Lebanon, Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon said.

The Lebanese government this week said it was filing a formal complaint against Syria at the Arab League. A Syrian rocket attack last weekend left one person dead in the border town of al-Qasr.

“I have received in recent months more than 24 memos but not one of them was a complaint,” Syrian Ambassador Ali Abdel-Karim Ali was quoted by The Daily Star newspaper in Lebanon as saying. “They are part of a cooperative information exchange between the two countries, (and it will continue) as long as there are terrorists at our common and overlapping borders.”

President Michel Suleiman had reportedly asked Lebanon Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour on several occasions to file complaints over Syrian incursions, but Mansour reportedly never filed any complaint with the Syrian envoy.

Lebanese Caretaker Prime Minister Mikati’s government is dominated by Hezbollah which has been supporting the Syrian regime in its crackdown against the uprising . Mikati according to observers cannot fire Mansour for disobedience because he is a member of the Amal party which is headed by Speaker Nabih Berri a key ally of Hezbollah.