Mystery surrounds the death of 8 women in East Lebanon


Eight women died on Thursday after giving birth at several hospitals located in the Bakaa region of East Lebnaon, LBC reported on Friday.

While the cause of the death remained a mystery , the relatives of the women are wondering whether their death was due to medical malpractice or due to use of counterfeit medications.

The use of counterfeit mediations is widespread in Lebanon according to media reports

Lebanon General Prosecutor Judge Hatem Madi issued last November a search warrant against Abdel Latif Fneish, also known as Mahmoud, brother of Administrative Reform minister Mohammed Fneish ( a key member of Hezbollah) and Fouad Ahmad Wehbe who are suspects in the illegal and counterfeit medications case.

According to media reports the two were involved in forging the laboratory test certificates of fake medications as well as forging the signature of the Health minister .

The scandal pertaining to illegally imported pharmaceutical products was uncovered in Lebanon last November. Some media outlets reported that four of the involved companies have relations with Hezbollah.