No free oil for Cuba if Capriles wins


Henrique CaprilesVenezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles resumed his campaign today in the western part of the country. He faces off with interim president Nicolas Maduro on April 14, reported dpa news.

Capriles told university students in Maracaibo that he would end the Chavez’ government’s “giveaway” programs to other countries that Maduro presided over as foreign minister during the previous six years.

The candidate said such programs add up to around US $7 billion a year.

“Not a single drop of oil is going to go for funding the government of the Castros in Cuba. Mr. Castro uses Venezuelans, our people, so that government is enriched… Nicolas is the candidate of the Castros, I am the candidate of Venezuela and Venezuelans,” said Capriles.

He said that socialism in Venezuela is no longer viable with the death of Hugo Chavez. Maduro claims just the opposite, saying he will continue the path begun by the recently deceased president.

Speaking at a university in Maracaibo, Capriles said education would be a priority of his presidency with universities being geared towards developing skills instead of an ideology.

“Venezuela is a country that has everything, the only thing missing is a good government. Venezuela all you need is a team leader who deeply loves this country and come with words of respect and attachment to convene all Venezuelans, “he said, adding that the core of his proposals are revolving around citizen security, creating employment and the fight against inflation.

Capriles was highly critical of the management of the country saying the government: “has been destroying the economy” with its policies of price controls, currency exchange and obstacles for private enterprise.

Havana Times