EU gives Lebanon €30 mil to help with Syrian Refugees


Štefan Füle EU commission w mikatiThe European Commission will provide an additional €30 ($39 ) million to Lebanon to alleviate the impact of the high influx of refugees from Syria, Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle announced during his visit to Beirut.

“Lebanon receives the highest number of people fleeing the horrible bloodshed in Syria and we know that it puts this country under enormous strain. The hospitality and generosity displayed by the Lebanese towards their neighbours is admirable and commendable. The EU remains committed to assisting the Lebanese Government in its response to the refugee crisis,” Commissioner Füle said after informing President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister Najib Miqati about the new financial allocation. At the same time he welcomed Lebanon’s comprehensive response plan to deal with the refugee crisis and conveyed the EU´s appreciation of the fact that Lebanon keeps its borders open to people fleeing the violence in the neighbouring country.

Today´s announcement of the additional funds constitutes a significant increase and brings the total amount of financial assistance offered by the European Commission to Lebanon in relation to the Syrian crisis to almost €75 million in humanitarian and non-humanitarian aid. The objective of this special measure is to reinforce the national capacity to deal with the unprecedented number of refugees and provide financial support for the Government’s plan to mitigate the consequences this has for the country.

The European assistance will be allocated in line with the priorities of the Lebanese Government and will focus on strengthening of the country’s institutions in particular in the areas of education and child services for the refugees, as well as supporting the Lebanese communities that have hosted refugees from Syria, often in their own homes.

While being the smallest of Syria’s neighbouring countries, Lebanon hosts the highest number of refugees. By the end of February it received more than 325,000 Syrian nationals, in addition to a similar number already present in the country previously (e.g. seasonal workers in agriculture and construction). There are also an estimated 31,500 arrivals of Palestinian refugees from Syria.

Out of the €30 million announced today to help Lebanon cope with the refugee crisis, €5 million would be designated for Palestinian refugees from Syria. EU support is managed through UN agencies in the country and goes both to emergency humanitarian response and to support the secondary needs of refuges (education, health care), as well as to support the Lebanese host communities which are predominantly in the poorest and most neglected regions of the country. The EU, with Member States, is the biggest donor of assistance to Syrian refugees both in Syria and in neighbouring countries.




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  1. Niemals Avatar

    Besides the help of €30 millions to Lebanon from EU, we (BRD) will get too a compensation for having taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees since 2013, according to a media report.
    That means that each non-EU citizen accepted will bring in nearly €3,000.

    That is why Antwerpen look like Antwerpistan….

    Merkels government continues to be at the forefront in taking in refugees, giving 325,400 people protection status in 2017 – a figure that represents 60 percent of the 538,000 people granted such status within the EU in that year, according to Eurostat data.
    However, such status does not necessarily lead to permanent residency.
    In a slight to Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel, the new Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said Islam is not part of German culture.
    His comments underscore his efforts to push the government to the right.

  2. Niemals Avatar

    “I want to return this, I want to return to Syria” Mohamad Sahid Alali fled to Sweden from the war in Syria 2015 with his two daughters. He is now assessing the situation as safe in the hometown of Homs and wants to return. But he does not get any help from the authorities.

    However, neither the Migration Board nor the municipality can offer any financial support for the three to go home, instead, they are forced to pay support and contributions monthly by month as long as the family stays.

    “I’m completely exhausted. I feel terrible and it’s not just a little. Believe me, we have suffered a lot, says Mohamad Sahid Alali, who is home to Homs in Syria.

    Mohamad makes the assessment that once again it has become safe to live in Homs. The war is over there, he says. He therefore wants to reunite the family in Syria but has no money, it costs 15,000 kronor to only get three Syrian passports. And the airline tickets will cost even more, in addition, he is already guilty of money in Sweden.

    How in the hell he have to pay 15,000 kronor for three Syrian passports, is Assad getting 14,000 as a bonus?
    With so many Syrians (ten thousand +) that want to return to Syria, Assad making a fortune. SICK!

    Strange Sweden, the Migration Board nor the municipality can offer any financial support for the three to go home!
    Who force them to pay support and contributions monthly?
    What does the common Swedish citizen say about?

  3. Niemals Avatar

    A shameful picture of an older native Swedish woman looking for edible things in a dustbin.

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