Charbel: Lebanon security situation is a ‘red line’


charbel marwan no qaeda in LebanonLebanon Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said on Friday that the security situation in Lebanon is going through difficulties

and urged Parliament to provide the necessary support to enable security agencies to deal with any unrest

Following an extraordinary meeting of the Central Security Council, Charbel revealed on Friday that security forces have so far arrested 54 people involved in the kidnappings in return for ransom but scores remain on the run.

“54 suspects have been arrested and 87 others are still on the run in more than 39 cases of abductions,” he told reporters.

Charbel added: “Those responsible for the kidnappings are known and will not receive any political or sectarian cover.”

“I call on Parliament to meet because the security situation in the country is difficult and also in order to put a defense document [plan] to spare Lebanon division,” Charbel said,

The recent kidnappings have mostly targeted wealthy businessmen or their family members.

The political deal between the MPs should include the withdrawal of gunmen from the streets, Charbel said.

“The security situation in the country and the political divisions are forcing the security agencies to suffer from the consequences of what’s happening on the ground,” he added.

Commenting on the Sidon sit in by the Salafist leader , Charbel said that Sheikh Ahmad Assir was informed that it is forbidden to undermine the security situation, pointing out that the security is a fead line and the Security apparatuses will carry out their duties in this regard.

Assir is reportedly protesting against the presence of Hezbollah members in the apartments near his mosque in Sidon.