Hezbollah official slams Hariri’s initiative


hussein hajj hasan3A key Hezbollah official slammed former Lebanese PM and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri’s political initiative on Friday by saying that the best electoral law that provides the best representation is the one based on proportionality .

Agriculture Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hassan who represents Hezbollah in the cabinet said on Friday (in response to Hariri ) during an interview with Voice of Lebanon radio station:

“The arms excuse is not clever and the best law which provides the best representation is the law based on proportional representation” Hassan said in an interview to .

Hassan added that “Hezbollah leader Sayed Hassan Nasrallah also announced his approval of the Orthodox Gathering proposal. When he announces such a thing, none of the Christians should feel the need to question his position. ”

In a TV interview with Marcel Ghanem Thursday evening which was broadcasted live from Paris on LBC’s “Kalam Ennass” program Hariri proposed a four-point political initiative aimed at preserving coexistence in Lebanon between The Christians and Muslims.

Hariri rejected the proposed Orthodox electoral law ” because it divides the Christians and Muslims and this is a crime against Lebanon”

Hariri also rejected the law that is based on proportional representation because there will be competition in some regions, but there cannot be any competition in other regions, because of the presence of weapons in them.

Hariri is referring to the 2009 election in the areas dominated by Hezbollah. According to the reports that surfaced back then Hezbollah gunmen prevented their rivals from voting and the results of the election showed it. On the other hand in the March 14 dominated areas several Hezbollah backed candidates won the election that was based on winner take all . In a proportional representation system Hezbollah will be able to gain more seats in the March 14 dominated areas but will not lose any seats in its dominated areas as long as it is allowed to keep its arms and use them internally for political gain .

Hariri added that if the Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance had won the last elections, they wouldn’t have wanted to change the law now .