2 more Syrian generals defected to Turkey


Two more generals of the Syrian Army, 13 colonels, six lieutenant colonels and 68 soldiers defected to Turkey, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday.

According to the agency, all servicemen were sent to a military camp Apaydin, located in Turkey.

According to the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD), the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey has reached 105,000 people.

Besides Turkey, Syrian refugees are also in the neighboring Arab countries – Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.

Anti-government protests have continued in Syria for more than a year and half. According to UN human rights commissioner, the total number of victims of the conflict in Syria is nearing 60,000. More than 230,000 have become refugees with around three million in need of humanitarian assistance. The Syrian authorities say they oppose the well-armed militants.

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