Syria’s Azaz rebels detained Lebanese reporter Fidaa Itani


Azaz coordination committee of the Syrian revolution announced on Saturday the arrest of Lebanese reporter Fidaa Itani, who works for LBCI and other channels, due to the incompatibility of his work with the course of the Syrian revolution, according to The Facebook page of Azaz Rebels.

The rebels further revealed that Itani was placed under house arrest but will be released after the completion of all required investigations.

The committee revealed that Itani’s reports and videos did not prove his involvement with any party against the revolution, but his work as a reporter is no longer accepted in the regions that are controlled by the rebels’.

LBCI contacted Abou Ibrahim who confirmed that Itani is in custody of the rebels.

Abou Ibrahim is the spokesman of the rebels that detained in Aleppo province the Shiite pilgrims on their way back from Iran last May. Several were released , but the remaining detainees have been accused of being Hezbollah members.