Aoun rejects draft law on EDL hourly-wage employees


Free patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun said in remarks published on Friday that his Change and Reform parliamentary bloc will not allow the approval of the draft law on Electricité Du Liban (EDL) hourly-wage employees.

“We will not allow this draft law to pass in parliament, and work cannot continue as such,” Aoun told As-Safir newspaper.

His comments come after a parliamentary committee on Thursday approved a draft law that allows EDL hourly-wage employees to undergo exams in order to be appointed as permanent employees. Change and Reform bloc MPs withdrew from the meeting, which was attended by Energy Minister Gebran Bassil, in protest against the proposal which was wrapped up by the committee which is headed by Future bloc MP Mohammad Qabbani.

In a related development FPM MP Nabil Nicolas said on Friday that the draft law on Electricité Du Liban (EDL) hourly-wage employees would create sectarian imbalance within the company.

“There will be a sectarian imbalance within the company,” Nicolas told OTV.

“The approach of the hourly-wage employees and the way in which the decision to appoint them as permanent staff has been taken could create a dangerous precedent in the country,” he added.

Qabbani also commented on the issue during an interview with Future News television station.

“[Bassil] should know that he is not ruling the country, but it is rather the parliament which is the highest authority,” Qabbani said.

The MP also remarked on Bassil’s reaction to the Joint parliamentary committees decision, describing the minister as “a liar.”