Hariri: Assad’s sectarian conflict plot will fail


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said on Monday that the clashes that erupted in the northern city of Tripoli clearly demonstrate that “the Syrian regime is unrelenting in its plot to set Lebanon on fire.”

“It is clear the Syrian regime wants to divert attention and create a sectarian conflict in both Lebanon and Syria; his [plot] will fail,” Hariri wrote on his twitter page

The former PM also commended the security forces’ role to resolve the clashes Tripoli.

“I salute the efforts of Tripoli’s civil society and of the army and Internal Security Forces [ISF] to put an end to civil strife in Tripoli,” he said.

Hariri also condemned “vandalism against any of the Alawite owned shops belonging in Tripoli.”

“It is unacceptable and only serves sectarian plot of Syrian regime.”

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