Geagea warns against inciting strife in Lebanon


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea warned against attempts to incite strife in Lebanon through misleading the public by portraying the Sunni community as supportive of terrorism.

“ I warn against creating problems with the Sunni community as a result of the stance it adopted in support of the Syrian revolution,” Geagea said on Thursday following a meeting with a delegation from the Bekaa village of Majdel Aanjar.

“The Syrian regime and its allies in Lebanon are trying to portray the Sunnis as sponsors of terrorism in an attempt to mislead the public opinion and divert attention from what is happening in Syria,” he added.

Geagea, however, said that his party would condemn the Syrian rebels if “they got hold of power and engaged in oppressing others like the Assad regime is doing ,” adding that his party “does not back a regime or an authority but that it is rather a staunch supporter of freedom and democracy.”