Lebanese being kidnapped by Syrians


Three Lebanese have been kidnapped by Syrians and since the state has not shown any interest in their whereabouts their families have been using various means to try to liberate them .

In northern Lebanon The family of Lebanese national Mahmoud Mohammad Ibrahim who was kidnapped and taken to Syria has been blocking the highway leading to Syria through the northern town of Abboudiyah for the past two days, National News Agency reported on Friday.

The report said the family of the kidnapped has been refusing to reopen highway before Ibrahim is freed.

The family called on President Michel Sleiman, Prime Minister Najib Mikati and Speaker Nabih Berri to contact the Syrian authorities.

In the Beqaa region the family of kidnapped Lebanese citizens Khodr Jaafar and Abdullah al-Zein are holding 13 Syrian men hostage in an attempt to swap them

The two Lebanese were kidnapped Thursday in the Syrian town of Zeita, 15 kilometers north of the Beqaa town of Hermel in east Lebanon by Syrian opposition members according to the report

Jaafar had been visiting Zein, who resides in Zeita, when the abduction took place.

The 13 Syrian hostages are workers employed in Hermel.

Zeita is a small border town of mainly Lebanese inhabitants that lies inside Syrian territory.

Security sources said the two Lebanese were kidnapped after the Syrian opposition accused them of facilitating the arrest of a fellow rebel by Syrian security forces.

Syria so far has refused to demarcate its border with Lebanon and is insisting that the demarcation should start in Shebaa area which is occupied by Israel.