ADP official calls Syrian refugees in Tripoli ‘ terrorists’


Arab Democratic Party (ADP) official Rifaat Eid told Ad-Diyar newspaper in remarks published on Friday that the Syrian refugees in Tripoli terrorists

“There are no Syrian refugees in Tripoli, there are, rather, Syrian terrorists in Tripoli… who have been sponsored by March 14 forces and the Future Movement to come over to our city and continue with their series of terrorist activities,” Eid said

He added that “ some refugees were forming fighting groups to launch attacks against [Lebanese] factions allied with the Syrian regime.”

The Arab Democratic Party , which was formerly known as the Alawite Youth Movement ( AYM) is a staunch supporter of Syrian president Bashar al Assad who is also a Alawite. The Syrian regime has also been using the term terrorists to describe the rebels of the Free Syrian Army

Syrian refugees in Lebanon receiving aid. Arab Democratic Party (ADP) official Rifaat Eid described the Syrian refugees as terrorists .

The exact number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is not known but estimates range anywhere between 20, 000 to 50,000. Many of the refugees have relatives in Lebanon and for this reason they do not register with the UN refugee agency UNHCR

According to UN estimates, more than 9,000 people have been killed in violence across Syria since anti-regime protests broke out in March 2011, while monitors put the number at more than 11,100, mostly civilians. All these estimates  are history the exact number is much much higher, according to Syrian  witnesses coming from Homs and Idlib .