Gemayel: The hearts of some Lebanese are still occupied


On the occasion marking the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon Phalange party MP Nadim Gemayel

said that unfortunately even though the Lebanese soil was liberated, the hearts of some are still occupied.

He voiced his regrets that seven years after the Syrian withdrawal there are some Lebanese who still believe that the Syrians are still in Anjar to decide everything, adding that they will not take any decision without the consent of (former Syrian Intelligence chief )Ghazi Kanaan, and ( Syrian president ) Bashar al-Assad.

Gemayel said this government does not make any decision before consultation with Damascus. It has become a Syrian product in all and its main function is to defend the Syrian regime .

He added:

Over a million Lebanese , Chrstians, Druze and Muslims protestd in downtown Beirut on March 14, 2005 demanding Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon. Syria withdraw in April 2005 after 29 years of military presence

“We had hoped the Free Patriotic Movement FPM would maintain its independence, but unfortunately it has given up on freedom, sovereignty and independence for the sake of getting 10 or 11 ministers. Syria has secured for them the ministers to make sure they surrender and not tell the truth.

FPM is headed by MP Michel Aoun, a close ally of the Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah militant group which dominates the current government in Lebanon.

Aoun was defeated by the Syrian army in 1990 . Aoun then went into exile in France and returned to Lebanon days after the Syrian army withdrew from Lebanon. During his exile period Aoun constantly attacked the Syrians , Hezbollah and Iran and defended Lebanon freedom, sovereignty and independence



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Somebody has to say it.

  2. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Somebody has to say it.

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