Lebanon: Nocean and Tyros bombs are identical


Two kilograms of TNT were used in the explosive that went off in the restaurant in the southern Lebanese coastal town of Tyre, MTV reported on Monday.

“The package was placed on the stairs near the elevator,” the report said, adding that the damage caused $100,000 worth of damage.

A Lebanese security source said early Monday following the blast that occurred at midnight Sunday that the bomb was paced in the elevator of the Nocean restaurant, injuring seven people .

Nocean restaurant is located inside a building on Ramel Street, Nabih Bery Boulevard, Tyre, The building also houses a McDonald’s restaurant and a Spinneys super market.

Two kilograms of TNT were also used in the December bomb which targeted the seaside Tyros restaurant in Tyre causing substantial material damage.

The restaurant was reportedly a hangout for UN peacekeepers and served alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol is not banned in Lebanon, but in areas under the control of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah liquor is not allowed.


The General Coordinator of the Future Movement in South Lebanon Naser Hamoud condemned on Monday the explosion.

Hamoud said in a statement: “Those who are responsible for the blasts, which are targeting tourist establishment in Tyre, want to remind us that they are present in this area and ready to disrupt [the city’s] security and stability at any time, in an attempt to divert attention from what’s happening [in Lebanon]. ”

Hamoud questioned the timing of the explosion and its “association with the rapid developments [in neighboring countries].”