LF students: Which resistance are you talking about?


Hezbollah and its allies have “taken advantage” of their role in the government in order to force public schools and the Lebanese University to dedicate a one-hour session for teaching the history of Resistance, Lebanese University (LU) students affiliated with the Lebanese Forces party said on Monday.

The students were referring to a decision that has been taken by Education Minister Hassan Diab.

In a written statement the students asked: “What Resistance are you talking about? Are you referring to the one which plunged Lebanon into futile wars and achieved illusory victories? Or is it the Resistance which violated Lebanon’s sovereignty through establishing [its own private] telecommunication networks on public properties?”

The term “Resistance” in Lebanon refers mainly to the Iranaian and syrian backed Hezbollah militant group. Hezbollah declared victory at the end of the 2006 war with Israel and tried to bring down the government in 2008 over the issue of its private telecommunication network.

The students blasted the government for allowing Hezbollah to take advantage of its dominant role in the cabinet to achieve its own goals