2 Lebanese detained over smuggling arms to Syria


Two Lebanese men were detained on suspicion of smuggling arms into Syria through the Bekaa town of Arsal.

Military judge Imad al-Zein questioned the two, who were identified by their first names as Wael and Bahaa, and subsequently issued an order authorizing their continued detention .

Arsal has been the at the center of a nationwide controversy after Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn said that al-Qaeda members had taken up residence in the village in the guise of Syrian opposition members. The claim prompted the country’s High Defense Council to launch an investigation along with a crackdown on arms smuggling and other illegal activity in the region.

Syria, which dominated Lebanon politically and through its intelligence apparatus after the 1975-1991 Lebanese civil war, has demanded its neighbor rein in the movement of weapons across the border to the insurgency that has developed during an 11-month-old uprising against President Bashar Assad.

The uprising has deepened pre-existing splits between Syria’s foes and allies in Lebanon. The Shi’ite movement Hezbollah is seen as supporting the Syrian regime in its crackdown against the pro-democracy protesters .




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    The people in Arsal are so poor they might have done it to make some money nothing more or less. The truth is who has most of the weapons in Lebanon and who controls Lebanon ? ONLY HA have weapons to export, Only HA and Amal supporters are able to bring and sell weapons in the country and they are the only people able to move large amounts of weapons from Lebanon to Syria. Why dont they deploy the Army on the Borders as the people in Arsal are asking? The reason they dont is because 1 Syria knows that they can always count on the people in Arsal for some weapons, Medical assistance and moral support and HA and the Regime want to use these lies to turn Arsal into another IDLIB OR HOMS. HA has already clashed with people from Arsal twice and with the Regime Militia (I say Militia because the FSA is the Syrian Army and the rest are a Militia). The regime has already Killed 8 people from Lebanon all from Arsal and Wadi Khalid witch may find its self in a position like Arsal. These two twons are beggin for protection and getting nothing from the government. The Amal and HA people smuggling weapons into Syria are also doing it for money as all weapons smugglers do… But when a no neck defense minister like Ghoson turns his back on the people his fat ass is supposed to protect and lies about certain groups being in Lebanon 2 days before a bunch of Bombs go off in Syria and is Basically a Syrian agent presents no proof as to why he said what he did and then denies it we do nothing. When the towns of Arsal and Wadi Khalid ask for protection after 8 people have been murdered in these towns we get nothing. Seriously I hate march 8 and Hated March 14 until March 8 came to power and showed me that they are a bunch of thugs. March 14 may be bad but march 8 is basically satanic compared to march 14.

  2. Patience2 Avatar

    It’s just the Street-Turds helping the ‘Chinless-Twin-In-Power’.

  3. Patience2 Avatar

    It’s just the Street-Turds helping the ‘Chinless-Twin-In-Power’.

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    It’s just the Street-Turds helping the ‘Chinless-Twin-In-Power’.

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    It’s just the Street-Turds helping the ‘Chinless-Twin-In-Power’.

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