Siniora: Era of one-man, one-family and one-party rule is over


Former Lebanese prime minister and current Future Movement bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora said on Friday that the “The era of a one-man, one-family and one-party rule is over… but the mission is not over yet.

He added : The time of autocracies “has passed.” . He was referring to the pro-democracy uprisings in Arab countries during a conference in Beirut.

“Establishing democracies is not easy… but there is no return,” Siniora stressed

He also said that he was “honored to announce that I was one of the first people who voiced their full support for the Arab Spring,” which is the wave of revolutionary protests that rocked the Middle East in the past year.

Siniora stressed that the uprisings “cannot be completed unless through the establishment of civil states that ensure equality and rights [for everyone].”

Protests were held on Friday in Lebanon’s northern capital Tripoli and in the Bekaa town of Saadnayel, in support of the pro- Democracy protesters in Syria a statement issued by the office of the Liberation Party said.

The protesters called for the fall of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.



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