Jumblatt: Arab peoples can no longer tolerate autocratic rulers


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt wrote in his weekly column in Al-Anbaa newspaper that the Arab peoples can no longer tolerate autocratic parties and rulers.

“The Arab peoples can no longer tolerate autocratic parties and rulers, and the freedom fighters and revolutionaries in all countries do not buy anymore the obsolete rhetoric that was used for years to control the masses.”

He was referring to the Arab Spring and specifically the Syrian uprising against the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad and the Baath party which has been in power for over 42 years.

He warned that the uprising in Syria might “descend into civil war if the bloodshed continues.”

He stressed that no one is anymore buying the persistent attempts to link terrorism to pro-democracy peaceful protesters.

Assad has been attempting to promote the pro-democracy protests in Syria as terrorism by armed groups .

Jumblatt reiterated that the Arab League initiative was the most appropriate solution to the Syrian crisis, at the same time he urged Iran to “take some kind of initiative towards the Syrian people who stood by the Iranian revolution against the Shah regime in the seventies and against Saddam Hussein’s attacks in the eighties.”

He also called on Russia to “launch a political initiative together with the countries concerned in order to pull Syria out of this crisis.”