Hezbollah may take over Beirut if Assad falls , report


Al-Arabiya Tuesday cited a “source close to Hezbollah” on Tuesday as saying that his party might take over Beirut militarily if the Syrian regime falls.

“ Hezbollah officials have begun to worry about the potential fallout that may result following the collapse of the Syrian regime,” the source added.

“The moment that Hezbollah feels that the fall of Syrian President Bashar al- Assad is imminent – either as a result of the popular movement or foreign military intervention – it will move quickly to take control of East and West Beirut,” Al-Arabiya cited the source as saying.

According to the report, the Free Patriotic Movement would support Hezbollah if it decided to launch an offensive in the Lebanese capital.

According to Kuwiati newspaper “Rai” :” The People’s Palace, the leaders of the intelligence services , Syrian three centers of military communications, ammunition depots , rocket launchers, land – air and land – land, radars, the headquarters of the fourth division , the homes of senior officials and officers loyal to the Syrian regime, and others, all are on the list of targets of “the No Fly Zone ” enforcement campaign to be undertaken by Arab forces, perhaps with the participation of Turkish army with some help from the US