Jumblatt: Syrian people are revolting against oppression, tyranny


Al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Monday that Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt severely criticized the Syrian regime during a concert that he hosted for his friends in the city of Jbeil.

Jumblatt reportedly picked up the microphone and addressed his guests by saying :

“Unfortunately, we are now enjoying music while the Syrian people are revolting against oppression and tyranny.”

“Shame on the Druze of Syria; they have always been at the forefront of all revolutions,” he also reportedly said.

Only Al-Akhbar newspaper which is closely linked to Hezbollah and Syria reported on this issue for this reason Ya Libnan could not independently confirm the report

The Lebanese are split on the Syrian uprising . The march 8 alliance led by Hezbollah supports the regime of Syrian o- democracy protests President Bashar al-Assad’s while the March 14 alliance is supporting the Syrian people in their pro democracy protests

Over 3,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the Syrian government crackdown against the protesters