Nahhas: Cabinet to reconsider the wage hike


Lebanon’s labor minister Charbel Nahhas told a local radio station Wednesday that the Cabinet would Wednesday look into reconsidering its decision on boosting worker’s wage, as teachers across the country went on strike over the deal.

“The Cabinet will discuss during its session to be held at the [Grand] Serail this afternoon the issue of reviewing the decree to increase wages,” Nahhas said

Nahhas criticized the decision reached with the General Labor Confederation last Tuesday by saying that it “turned into a problem rather than a solution,” and expressed hope the Cabinet would revise and introduce a new decision on raising workers’ salaries.

Under a deal reached by the government and the General Labor Confederation last week, the minimum wage was raised to LL700,000 from LL500,000, while the wages of those earning less than LL1 million were raised by LL200,000 and wages of those earning between LL1 million and LL1.8 million were raised LL300,000.

Under this deal experienced teachers and supervisors earning in excess of 1.8 million LL will be earning less than their subordinates .

The economic committees voiced their reservations over the cabinet’s decision and the General Workers Union suspended the strike that was planned for October 12.

Nahhas’ statement come after public and private school teachers went on strike and protested on Wednesday morning in front of the Grand Serail