Lebanon, Libya to hold conference in Beirut, says Suleiman


President Michel Suleiman said on Tuesday that Lebanon and Libya agreed to hold a conference in Beirut on November 23 to encourage investment in Libya, a statement from the president’s press office said.

Suleiman, who attended the UN summit earlier in the day to discuss the situation in Libya, said that Tripoli has returned to its “normal position” in the Arab League and in the UN.

“We are glad to welcome the legitimate representative of Libya, Interim Leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil,” Suleiman said in his speech.

“The Libyans expect us to help them achieve their aspirations. In the short term, they expect us to continue protecting civilians, helping the Libyan National Transitional Council maintain security and facilitating the transfer of humanitarian aid. In the long run, they need help in establishing institutions and improving economy. We should not spare any effort to help the Libyan people.” Suleiman said

Libya is opening a new page in its history, and NTC has voiced its determination to establish a democratic country by launching a political project that aims to protect the Libyans’ rights and freedoms, the president said.