Two fugitives killed in ISF ambush in Beqaa


Internal Security Force (ISF) Information Branch unit prepared an ambush on Monday night for Wael Abbas, who is wanted in the March kidnapping of seven Estonians, Voice of Lebanon radio reported on Tuesday adding that neither of the two men killed in the assault were Abbas.

The seven kidnapped Estonians were freed in July, almost four months after being abducted by armed men as they entered the country on a bicycle tour from neighboring Syria.

The report added that ISF Information Branch members, dressed as civilians, waited for a car suspected to carry Abbas at the Masnaa road in Bekaa and shot at it as it passed by the ambush.

The clash resulted in the death of two men while two ISF members were wounded, the report added.

An early report indicated that Abbas had been killed in the assault. The radio station later reported that after checking the bodies of the two men killed in the Masnaa road ambush, security forces discovered that neither belonged to Abbas.

Rashed Sabri

In a related development Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said on Tuesday that the two men killed in the ambush made by ISF Information Branch on Monday night were involved in the assassination of ISF officer Rashed Sabri who was killed in April in Majdal Anjar.

“It turned out that the two men killed in the ambush were involved in the assassination of Sabri, and we knew that these wanted men were also preparing for kidnapping other foreigners in Lebanon,” he told LBC television on Tuesday.

He added that two ISF members were wounded in the operation and weapons were confiscated from the wanted men’s car.

The Interior Minister also said that the ISF raided the house that the two men were using and seized machine guns and hand grenades from it.