3 Druze Sheiks attacked by armed men at a cemetery in Beirut


Armed men entered on Wednesday the cemetery of the Druze in Beirut and assaulted three Druze Sheikhs, National News Agency reported on Wednesday

According to the report four cars arrived to the cemetery which is located next to the Druze house (Dar al-Tayfeh) in Verdun, Beirut between 8:30 and 9:00am, armed men in civilian clothes descended and assaulted the Sheikhs, after which they fled. During this time the Internal Security Forces charged with guarding the cemetery  did not prevent the cars from entering the cemetery nor did they interfere to prevent the assault .

One of the Sheiks was seriously injured in his head and was taken to the hospital . 2 cars belonging to members of the  charity association that were parked at the cemetery were destroyed by the assailants.

The Druze Charitable Solidarity Association later called on the Druze to rally in front of the organization’s headquarters on Thursday at 4:00pm to condemn this incident.

Update : The name of the Druze Sheikh that was seriously injured is Jihad el Deek according to Ya Libnan sources

Location information updated