Syrian regime supporters attack anti-Assad protesters in Beirut


Several were injured when supporters of the Syrian regime of president Bashar al Assad attacked supporters of the Syrian opposition.

Dozens of pro-Syrian regime supporters reportedly attacked a group of around 30 protesters demonstrating in Beirut’s Hamra district in front of the Syrian embassy on Tuesday evening in support of the Syrian opposition.

Eyewitnesses said that the attackers beat the protesters in front of the embassy with belts, adding that one person was rushed to Beirut’s Makasid Hospital while another was admitted to the nearby American University Hospital.

The Lebanese security forces in front of the Syrian embassy left their posts when the attack began, the witnesses also said.

In a related development supporters of Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP ) surrounded and attacked a group of intellectuals in Hamra around 10:30 pm . Several were injured .

3 of the injured are : Ghassan Makarem( taken to the Makasid hospital ), Ali Shreem ( taken to the American University Hospital) , Khudr Salameh ( taken to the Makasid hospital ). All three are in critical condition