Conflicting reports about Israeli-Lebanese fire exchange


Voice of Lebanon ( VOL) reported that the Israeli army opened fire on a Lebanese military base in the area of Mountazahat in Wazzani on Monday morning, drawing a retaliatory fire.

VOL said that at around 7:00 am, an Israeli patrol opened machine gunfire from the other side of the border on the Lebanese army which retaliated.

On the other hand Israeli military said its troops had been fired upon as they worked on the Israeli side of the Blue Line, the UN-drawn border with Lebanon.

A Lebanese army official said troops fired warning shots only when when “an Israeli patrol in the Wazzani area crossed the Blue Line and went beyond it about 30 meters.”

He said there were no injuries on the Lebanese side and that UNIFIL was informed of the incident and quickly moved to the area.

Both sides have challenged the accuracy of the Blue Line in several locations.