Syrian regime angry as Ford gets a hero’s welcome in Hama


Syrian government spokeswoman Bouthaina Shaaban has expressed more regime anger at the presence of US ambassador Robert Ford’s visit to Hama.

In a statement made before Ford left the city she said: This is considered an escalation on the part of the US Ambassador. Never before an ambassador visited a city with a problem like the case of Hama without permission.

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh speaks on Yemen TV, Egyptian pro-democracy activists demonstrate in Tahrir Square, Robert Ford, US Ambassador to Syria is in Hama where he was given a hero's welcome. Photograph: Reuters/AFP/Getty

She claimed that the visit was aimed at thwarting government attempts to initiate dialogue with the opposition.

There is great protest and resentment among the Syrian people about the U.S. State Department’s statement that the Ambassador is in Hama and intends to stay till Friday on the eve of the national dialogue due to be held among all spectrums of the Syrian society…this gives us a message that the US says ‘No’ to dialogue.

Shaaban again blamed the killing in Syrian on armed gangs.

Who is killing the Syrian army and security? If you came under an armed attack, what would you do? Violence comes from the armed members and saboteurs in the streets.

The US ambassador was given a Hero’s welcome in Hama according to this you Tube clip