Abu Faour: Aoun does not represent the spirit of the new cabinet


Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour said on Wednesday that Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun’s recent criticism of the March 14 coalition “does not represent the spirit of the new cabinet.”

“We will not be malicious to any party ,” the minister – who represents MP Walid Jumblatt’s National Struggle Front (NSF) bloc – told Future TV

He also said that his bloc “will not use revenge” in its conduct, adding that “the cabinet is a reconciliation government.”

Similarly Jumblatt said on Tuesday that his parliamentary bloc will not engage in any “vengeful actions,” nor will it cover up for such behavior.

“Our participation in the cabinet was based on that,” the National News Agency quoted Jumblatt as saying.

Abu Faour also called for “granting the new cabinet a chance” to carry out its plans.

Aoun has been launching one attack after the other against March 14 and accused the alliance of not having any sense of humor even after saying that “some of its members should be given a “one-way ticket” into prison.”

One retired Lebanese General told Ya Libnan : “Ever since the cabinet was formed Aoun has been acting like the Iranian Ayatollah “, in reference to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He added: “I know Aoun very well… he has a complex called “Baabda “. ( In reference to the presidential palace) . He allied himself with the same people that defeated him in 1990 ( in reference to Syria ) with the hope that they will get him there bot couldn’t and this is adding to his frustration . Now that he commands one third of the cabinet he thinks he is the supreme leader of Lebanon”. The General who wanted to remain anonymous added” I blame Hezbollah , because if it wasn’t for Hezbollah arms Aoun wont dare act the way he does “