MP Zahra slams aoun’s statements


MP Antoine Zahra a key member of the Lebanese Forces criticized Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun’s statement that the March 14 alliance is disrespectful, saying that Aoun should have delayed  his Tuesday press conferences until after mid-night so “children do not hear him.”

Aoun “should teach his ministers that MPs hold ministers accountable and not the other way around,” Zahra told Future News television, adding that the arms of Hezbollah will not protect them.

Zahra commented on the newly-formed cabinet, and said the government was formed for regional aims and not domestic ones. “It was formed upon a Syrian order.”

“ Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will regret forming this cabinet in Lebanon within a period of less than  two months  because it will cause him more problems with the Arab and international communities.”

Zahra added that the next cabinet will not carry out the 2013 parliamentary elections, adding that even if it does, its political party will not win, in reference to the Hezbollah-led March 8 coalition.

Aoun said during an annual Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) dinner in Kesrouan on Friday evening that the plan of the former PM – who has been out of the country for almost three months – for Lebanon is over and a “one-way ticket” out was booked for him.

Aoun on Tuesday also accused the March 14 alliance of lacking sense of humor, saying his statement pertaining to Hariri did not mean that he hopes “God will take away Hariri’s life.”

“ The March 14 alliance is fierce but disrespectful,” said Aoun following his bloc’s weekly meeting.

“They do not appreciate a sense of humor. Since they rejected the ‘one-way ticket’ out statement, we will issue them a ‘one-way ticket’ in. There is a big section of Roumieh Prison that is being renovated and it fits a lot of people . God willing some members of the March 14 coalition will be in it.”

Aoun’s allies criticize him too

In a clear response to Aoun’s attacks against the Future Movement , National Front Struggle bloc leader MP Walid Jumblatt said on Tuesday that his parliamentary bloc will not engage in any “vengeful actions,” nor will it cover up for such behavior.

Similarly PM Nagib Mikati criticized Aoun’s behavior .

He said in response to Aoun’s statements : “His speech surprised me specially coming from a man like General Aoun who is supposed to be responsible”. He added that” no one should go beyond the bounds of decency and respect and we all should remain within the natural political framework in our discussions especially in these difficult and sensitive times that require everyone’s national responsibility.”


The Future parliamentary bloc said in a statement following its weekly meeting on Tuesday that statements of some Change and Reform bloc MPs, including its leader Michel Aoun,reveal how much hatred the bloc members possess toward others.



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  1. Patience2 Avatar

    Ol’ potty-mouth “M-A” does it again!

  2. Patience2 Avatar

    Ol’ potty-mouth “M-A” does it again!

  3.  Avatar

    Ol’ potty-mouth “A” does it again!

  4. we are committed to establish ultimate universal balance growth by associating all reform movements running over the world

  5. we are committed to establish ultimate universal balance growth by associating all reform movements running over the world

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