Hezbollah shocked over number of Israeli spies within its ranks


The Kuwait newspaper al Rai published a report on Sunday in which it stated that the intelligence war between Hezbollah and Israel has revealed shocking discoveries for the party’s leadership. The big shock for Hezbollah was the number and the quality of those spying for Israel within its ranks.

According to the report more than ten spies were discovered and some are from the front ranks of the party

Some of those discoveries couldn’t be imagined al Rai said pointing out that Hezbollah discovered the Israeli spying cell within its ranks three months ago when it intentionally sent very crucial information to Israelis and put the suspects under tight surveillance. .

NOW Lebanon reported that an unnamed Hezbollah source told its correspondent on Saturday that a “group of Hezbollah members were detained in the past few days for collaborating with Israel.” The source who spoke on condition of anonymity declined to disclose the number of those detained or their position in the party but revealed that that one of the collaborators is related to a prominent Hezbollah official and another is a “religious figure.”

Al Rai also said that Jnoubiyeh website confirmed the arrests of the Hezbollah members over spying for Israel

According to al Rai one high ranking Hezbollah official that was discovered spying for Israel is Mohammad Atwi from the Nabatiyeh district in south Lebanon , who was responsible for organizing security within the party and coordinated activities with Iran and Syria