MP Zahraman: What are Hezbollah arms in north Lebanon for ?


Lebanon First bloc MP Khaled Zahraman urged the intelligence authorities to investigate the presence of non-state arms  in Dinniyah and Akkar in north Lebanon and asked during an interview  with Future TV : What are these arms there  for ?

He added  these arms in the north  have  nothing to do with resistance against Israel …they are part of security quarters that are being imposed on us and need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Zahraman  is referring to Hezbollah arms . There were several reports  since the uprising began in Syria pointing to increased armament in north Lebanon. There were also reports that Hezbollah is aiding the Syrian regime in its brutal crackdown against the peaceful protesters , but Hezbollah denied any involvement .

Thousands of Syrians fled from towns close to the Lebanese northern borders  to Lebanon during the past 3 weeks .