Syria dumping bodies of killed protesters in the sea, report


Belgian  newspaper “Die Presse” has reportedly confirmed on its website  that the Syrian intelligence services  has resorted to  a new and innovative way to get  rid of the  bodies of the protesters that were killed by packing them into well locked  metal  containers   and dumping them into the sea  making sure they don’t  float and expose the  crime

The decision  of  dumping into the  sea was reportedly taken in the wake of the scandal  over the mass graves that were discovered not long ago and embarrassed the regime.

The paper quoted unnamed observers  as saying  that the number of bodies that were  dumped  so far into the sea are  at least two hundred  and some of them were killed under torture.

The paper quoted  a source at  the Turkish Justice Ministry as saying   that “Thirty Syrian citizens  who sought refuge in Turkey have filed  lawsuits  against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and 58 security officials accusing them of genocide, and confirmed in their claims that Syrian intelligence have been dumping the bodies of opponents in the sea off Latakia, after putting them in Heavy metal containers so as not to float “