Hajjar/ Shami verbal attacks over public spending escalate


Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Shami and Future bloc MP Mohammad Hajjar have escalated their verbal attacks on Monday over the issue of public spending .

Hajjar told As-Sharq radio earlier on Monday that the foreign affairs minister is known for the high expenditures he runs.

Ali Shami’s office responded on Monday in a statement by saying:

“At least Shami travels on commercial flights and does not rent planes at the government’s expense like Hajjar’s masters do,” the statement said.

Lebanon Foreign affairs minister Ali Shami (R) with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran. Shami reportedly traveled to Iran without the approval of the cabinet

Hajjar shot back and challenged Shami to reveal the names of the people he meant.

“Who does Shami mean when he speaks about my masters renting planes at the government’s expense?”

“I dare him to reveal the names of the people he meant and accused,” a statement issued by Hajjar’s office quoted him as saying.



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