Dar al-Fatwa calls for removal of illegal building in Ouzai, update


Dar al-Fatwa Lebanon’s highest spiritual Sunni authority which is headed by Mufti Mohammed Rashid called for removing an illegal building built on the property of Muslim Ulemas ( scholars ) in Ouzai, south of the capital Beirut.

Ouzai a Hezbollah and Amal Movement stronghold was illegally constructed during the civil war on public and private properties , according to local reports.

The issue of illegal construction surfaced during the past few weeks.

Two people were killed and two others wounded Thursday in clashes in southern Lebanon, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces said.

The incident occurred in the southern port city of Tyre.

Residents threw rocks and fired shots at security forces who were trying to stop the illegal construction of homes, the ISF said.

Update: AMAL Movement said it managed to convince the residents of removing the violation.

“Following reports about a construction violation in the al-Ouzai area, AMAL Movement made contacts and efforts with the residents, which led to removing the violation,” the movement said in a statement.