Syrian regime braces for more protests on Good Friday


Authorities in Syria are reportedly bracing for the possibility of huge protests throughout Syria on Good Friday April 22.

The Facebook group, The Syrian Revolution 2011, which boasts more than 120,000 followers and which has emerged as the organizing force behind the demonstrations that have been demanding “freedom” in Syria has called on the Christian community to protest on Good Friday.

“Good Friday, April 22, 2011, one heart, one hand, one goal,” says the announcement on a banner depicting a cross atop a church and a minaret with a crescent.

“Jesus Christ rejected injustice , hatred and sin and brought a new revolution of human and spiritual values and human dignity ” the appeal said and added

“We as Christians , Sunni Muslims, Alawites, Druze , Shiites, Arabs and Kurds , it is our duty to revolt in the face of Baathist vampires”

The appeal added: We hope our Christian brothers will bring olive branches , crosses and Syrian flags this Good Friday and join the ranks of the people who want to wrest freedom from the brutal regime ”

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been facing the biggest challenge to his rule. Popular protests demanding greater freedoms and an end to corruption erupted over a month ago in southern Syria and spread to the capital Damascus and most cities in Syria. Last Friday witnessed the largest ever protest and there and analysts are predicting more protests this Great Friday since the Christians were urged to participate in large numbers