Hizb ut-Tahrir: Preventing support to anti Syrian protest is illegal


Hizb ut-Tahrir ( Liberation party ) said in a statement on Wednesday“ Attempts to prevent the demonstration supporting the anti-Syrian regime protests are political and violate the Lebanese law.

The party said it had applied for a demonstration license on April 18, and condemned “un-objective statements from political figures intimidating and inciting [hostility] against the party’s demonstration.”

Such statements “make any official decision to ban the demonstration subject to accusations of illegality,” it said.

As-Safir newspaper reported on Wednesday that Interior Minister Ziad Baroud will likely ban the party’s demonstration planned for Tripoli and a counter-demonstration, both scheduled for Friday.

Seven members of the party were arrested on Tuesday for posting leaflets calling for the protest against the Syrian regime, a party spokesperson told AFP.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been facing the biggest challenge to his rule. Popular protests demanding greater freedoms and an end to corruption erupted over a month ago in southern Syria and spread to the capital Damascus and most cities in Syria. Last Friday witnessed the largest ever protest and there are reports pointing to more protests this coming Friday since the Christians were urged to participate on Great Friday.

Just like the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan regimes the Syrian regime has been blaming foreigners for the protests. Last week the Syrian regime accused a Lebanese Future movement legislator of funding and arming protesters , a charge that was completely denied by the party and MP Jamal al Jarrah