Syrian accusations against MP Jarrah outrage the Future Movement


Syrian accusations against Future Movement MP Jamal al- Jarrah of funding and arming the protests have outraged the Future Movement .

Three suspects testified Wednesday on Syrian government owned television station that they received arms and weapons from abroad to fuel a wave of protests in the country and they naming Jarrah as being behind the funding


Former PM Fouad Siniora and current leader of the Future Movement parliamentary bloc said in a statement : The Syrian accusations against the Future movement and MP Jamal al-Jarrah are completely baseless and they are just media statements.

“Syria ought to file its accusations against the Future Movement via the correct legal channels rather than campaigning in the media,” Siniora said .

“A file must be prepared via the Syrian Justice Ministry and judiciary, then it must go to the Syrian Foreign Ministry and be sent to the Lebanese Foreign Ministry. This file can then be reviewed in Lebanon,” he said.

“This is the procedure specified by Syria’s signed agreements with Lebanon”, he added

Siniora said that “we must not forget that the person they accused is an MP and has legal immunity.”

However, he stated that “there is no need to talk about immunity now: An accusation has been made against a Lebanese citizen] and there are legal procedures that must be followed.”

He added that the allegations against Jarrah are “false and absolutely unfounded on any documents or evidence.”


Caretaker Education Minister Hasan Mneimneh told New TV Al-Jadeed: We have no intention to interfere in Syria’s affairs. Their accusations against us have several motives and they are mainly aimed at weakening the Syrian opposition.

He added:

“Just as we demand Syria’s non-interference in Lebanon’s affairs, we do not interfere in Syrian affairs.”


“MP Jamal al-Jarrah is a member of parliament and Speaker Nabih Berri must fulfill his responsibility because the dignity of a Lebanese MP has been harmed,” Future bloc MP Mohammad Hajjar said on Sunday

“We will not be silent about these fabrications and we will respond to all these lies,” he told Voice of Lebanon , in reference to Syrian media allegations against Jarrah

All Future Movement members have orders not to interfere in the domestic affairs of any state, including Syria, Hajjar said.

“We want brotherly relations between Lebanon and Syria… state-to-state relations that respect Lebanon’s sovereignty and liberty, relations built on the Taif Accord.”


Caretaker Environment Minister Rahhal said on Sunday: “We caution against the unjust Syrian accusations which contain veiled threats. We also hold Hezbollah and its allies responsible for any security adventure which may be plotted against the backdrop of fabricated accusations.”

Silly and baseless

“If the Syrian accusations against me were proven to be right, then I should be punished. But if they were proven wrong, then the parliament which I am a member of should safeguard my reputation,” Jarrah told An Nahar before meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri on Saturday

“What has been broadcast on Syrian state television is silly and baseless intelligence work,” Jarrah said

He also said that there are “political motives” behind Damascus’ accusations and called on Syria to file a report with the Lebanese judiciary regarding the issue.

“If they do not submit a file, we will make them do it .” He said

Many other Lebanese leaders reacted Saturday to the Syrian accusations


Syrian president Bashar al Assad has been facing the biggest challenge to his rule. Popular protests demanding greater freedoms and an end to corruption erupted about a month ago in southern Syria and spread to the capital Damascus and most cities in Syria. Friday witnessed the largest ever protest.

The Syrian regime has been blaming foreigners for the protests and last Wednesday Syrian state television aired “testimonies” of three people saying they had received funds and weapons from al-Jarrah to fuel a wave of protests against the ruling Baath regime.



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