Golan residents protest against Assad regime


Following the Thursday anti-Assad protest by the Druze community Sweida, Jebel al Arab Syria, about 200 Druze residents of Golan Heights villages demonstrated against the Syrian ruler on Saturday .

They held up Syrian flags and chanted “We sacrifice our blood and our soul for you martyrs,” a reference to dozens of people killed by security forces in Daraa and other Syrian cities.

“A government change is unavoidable,” said Ahmad, who resides in Majdel Shams. “It’s true that Assad spoke about change, but that came after a massacre against our people. It’s true that not too many people have shown up at the protest, but some who stayed home support us.”

“We in the Golan Heights are united around the fact that we are an inseparable part of Syria, yet the disagreement has to do with the regime that will lead the state,” said another protestor, Youssef. “There is no doubt that change must come, and we saw it in Tunisia, in Egypt, and in Libya too recently.”

Earlier Saturday, residents of the Golan Heights held a pro-Assad rally. Participants sang the Syrian national anthem and observed a minute of silence in memory of those killed in the violence.



  1. The Syrian government is not really a government at all, but a Syrian Mafia who illegally controls the country. They are not going to “reform”, because to do so, would mean they would lose the power and wealth they have amassed since 1963. They will fight to the end, because they have too much to lose.

    This is not a real and true govenment. This is a family and a group of people who have been holding the Syrian people hostage for 48 years. How can anyone be so stupid not to see that.

    God Bless the good people of Syria and give them the strength to win this war. When this is over, they will have to build a monument to all these martyrs, for they are the ones who will have freed Syria from this brutal dictatorship. How a group of thugs can literally hold a country of 20+ Million people, with a history of 5,000 + years, hostage, for 50 years, is unbelievable. Simply unbelievable….wow…..

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