Gemayel: The situation in Lebanon is dangerous


Former Lebanese president and current Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel sounded the alarm during a press conference on Monday when he declared the situation in Lebanon as dangerous and urged for the need to save the country

“Given the developments in the region, the vacuum in Lebanon should not persist. The attack on the US embassy convoy in Sidon….The kidnapping of the seven Estonians whose fate is still unknown…the riots in the Roumieh prison and the Zahle bombing reveal that the situation in Lebanon is dangerous…. We need to save the country”

He added :

Today we are in desperate need of a national salvation government to revive the state and restore contacts among the Lebanese.

He urged the president to find solutions to the current impasse

“The president is responsible for finding solutions. It’s time for him to make a speech in parliament to reassure the people.” He said

Addressing the internal dispute within the Hezbollah-led march 8 alliance which has resulted in the delay in forming the cabinet he said:

“When we were in a national-unity cabinet, March 8 did not cooperate with us and obstructed the cabinet’s work and now that March 8 is forming the cabinet , we ask why is the cabinet not formed yet? Why does the obstruction continue?”

– Is the vacuum we are living in… a coincidence or intended, especially since today no cabinet has been formed yet ?

He added:

” We consider that this obstruction is intended. It comes within the mounting coup.” A possible reference to Hezbollah’s coup against the government of Saad Hariri

He continued :

“The March 8 coalition’s slogan is “I obstruct therefore I am.” Thus the current situation must be resolved and the impasse must be overcome . ”

Commenting on Mikati’s inability to form a government , he said:

“Prime Minister–designate Najib Mikati has responsibilities to bear. It is time for him to be frank to the Lebanese people, he said and added even though the constitution did not specify a time frame for forming a cabinet , there are time frames related to social, economic and security matters…. Weeks and months have passed , and a cabinet has not been formed.”

Gemayel stressed that security and economic concerns are more important than constitutional ones given the developments that affect the Lebanese citizens such as the situation in the Ivory Coast and in Bahrain