EU: A no-fly zone is not going to fly


The European Union has rejected calls to impose a no-fly zone over Libya that would be enforced by NATO.

British Prime Minister David Cameron made the proposal Friday at a summit in Brussels, The Daily Telegraph reported. He was backed by Catherine Ashton, the EU’s top foreign affairs official.

Most leaders are wary of what would be an act of war against Libyan head of state Moammar Gadhafi. Cameron warned time is short.

“We are witnessing, what can only be called, barbaric acts with Gadhafi brutally suppressing a popular rising led by his own people,” Cameron said. “Things may be getting worse not better on the ground. The truth is this: Gadhafi is still on the rampage, waging war on this people.”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy supported Cameron. France recognized the rebel council in Benghazi as the legitimate representative of Libya.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected calls for military action as did other leaders.

“There is no appetite at the UN Security Council. There is no appetite at NATO. There is no appetite in the Arab League. There is no appetite in the EU. A no-fly zone is not going to fly,” one European diplomat told the Telegraph.




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