MAV condemns disappearance of 4 Syrian opposition members in Lebanon


The Media Against Violence (MAV) foundation on Friday issued a statement condemning the continuing disappearance of four Syrian opposition members in Lebanon, “especially considering there is evidence that could lead to the perpetrators of the acts .”

The statement also called for the identification of the perpetrators and the taking of appropriate legal measures against them.

The foundation also highlighted “the threats and insults that are received by many media figures and activists,” adding that “this might be an example of what would Lebanon be facing” in the upcoming days.

Human Rights Watch on Thursday urged Lebanese authorities to probe the disappearance of three Syrian brothers, one of whom was detained while distributing flyers calling for democratic change in Syria.

HRW said that Jasem Merii Jasem was picked up by military intelligence agents in Beirut along with five other members of his family on February 23 and 24 after they were seen handing out the flyers.

We fear that Lebanon may be back to doing Syria’s dirty job of shutting up its critics,” said Nadim Houry, Beirut office director at Human Rights Watch. “Lebanon’s judiciary should open an independent inquiry into why the Syrian men were detained in the first place and the murky events surrounding the disappearance of Jasem Merii Jasem and his two brothers.” Now Lebanon



  1. Mazen_M Avatar

    Who are these “military intelligence agents “?

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    Who are these “military intelligence agents “?

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